The Buzz on Drones

The Buzz on Drones

By on Apr 25, 2017 in Blog |

Drone technology has reinvented the way the Commercial Real Estate industry operates. Drones are increasingly affordable and have simplified data processing. Combined with recent changes made to the Federal Aviation Administration flight rules, drones are now more viable for commercial use than ever before. You might wonder if using drones in your real estate business is feasible or even necessary to stay competitive. It’s pretty clear drone technology is here to stay—so Adkisson Group has compiled some FAQs to keep you in the loop about this innovative new technology.



How do drones apply to my real estate business?

While some people associate drones with the military or package delivery, they are also quickly becoming an industry standard in the real estate world.

Drones can be used for:

  • A cost effective photography method for full aerial views of properties (e.g., no expensive helicopter rental)
  • Property maps (including immersive 3D tours)
  • Surveys and inspection

Today’s drones have many features that make them optimal for the real estate business. Modern drones have GPS, autopilot capabilities, flightpath planning software, and simple-to-use data processing applications. These technological advances make it possible for rookie drone users to make accurate flight plans while taking hundreds or even thousands of photographs and videos.


How do drones increase ROI?

Drones are not only efficient, but are also cost effective! In the past, aerial photos and videos were obtained by hiring a helicopter. This can cost thousands of dollars and significantly limit the number of properties you can shoot. On the other hand, drone models of equivalent quality will only set you back a few hundred dollars, and the camera attachments are also moderately priced. Not only are you saving thousands of dollars by not having to rent a helicopter, you’re also able to increase the amount of properties you can photograph. Talk about ROI!


What kind of photos can drones take?

Properly designed aerial shots look professional, and also generate interest in a way that is not possible with ground-based photography. It is also possible to create immersive 3D maps of properties by using still imagery, GPS data, and analysis software. Using 3D maps to give potential clients the opportunity to view virtual tours of a property is a serious game changer in a world where online property listing is king.


What can drones do for my business besides pictures?

Lots of things! Drones are capable of taking gorgeous photos to help you sell, and can also be adapted to surveying inspection. A drone with the appropriate camera can survey a property in under an hour, detecting landscape features which are not visible from the ground due to vegetation. They can also be used during the inspection process to tackle dangerous heights!

Drone technology has already changed much of the CRE world, and it keeps being used in new and better ways. With improved sophistication and streamlined design, we will continue to see rapid growth in the usefulness of drones. It is evident that drones aren’t going anywhere. And with cutting-edge updates from Adkisson Group, you can depend on staying aware of this groundbreaking industry knowledge.

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